We, Mic and Lindsay Du Plessis, took on the running of Montusi Lodge’s stables in 2008.

Having returned from our great overseas adventure we saw the potential to develop our stables into a truly special organisation where loved horses would carry guests into the wild places.

Mic’s experience at the Rugged Glen Stables under the military-style system of the old Park’s Board and Lindsay’s experience of growing up in the stables of The Cavern Berg Resort gave us both a grounding that we extended grooming eventing horses in a beautiful yard in England.

On our travels we also sampled other horse-riding operations in New Zealand, Argentina, The Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa’s own Wild Coast.

We decided our situation was perfect for a trail company that would showcase our amazing landscape, people and horses…And here is The Northern Horse!