• Rides cancelled more than 48 hours in advance: 95% of deposit refunded.
  • Rides cancelled 48 to 24 hours in advance: 50% of deposit refunded.
  • Rides cancelled within 24 hours: no refund.
  • Once a deposit is paid, the booking is confirmed and the cancellation policy applies.
  • Riders must adhere to guides’ instructions at all times.

Late Arrivals:

  • Riders must report to the stables 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the ride.
  • If riders arrive late and there is no-one else booked on the ride, departure will be delayed, however riding time may be forfeited if there are other rides scheduled in the next time slot.
  • If there are others booked on the ride, the ride will depart on time and those not at the stables will be left behind: deposit will be forfeited.

Riding Under The Influence:

  • Riders may not participate if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol: if riders arrive for the ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the ride will be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

Weight Limit:

  • The horses are not big enough to carry weights of over 100kgs.
  • Riders must weigh less than 100kgs. Riders who arrive for a ride who weigh more than 100kgs will not be allowed to ride and deposits will be forfeited.


  • Rides will only be cancelled in the event of lightening storms.
  • If the weather causes a ride to be cancelled before departure, deposits may be refunded less a 5% handling fee.
  • If weather causes a ride to be cut short, the riders will be charged for the time that they have been riding at R100 per 30 minutes or part thereof.


  • Riders who cancel rides because they are afraid will forfeit their deposits. Horses can be scary, but the fear is worth conquering.


  • Riders who fall off their horses or cut their rides short because of accidents (including falls, kicks and bites) will not be refunded.